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Over it. 

My view from the office, as I watched the tired, the poor, the huddle masses try to get out of Manhattan earlier today.

Sunday strolling.

The mean streets of Brooklyn. 

Tonight’s view from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

From the Economist Intelligence Unit’s “Hot Spots 2025” report on the future of city competitiveness: “1) New York is the most competitive city today and will remain so in 2025. The city makes gains in almost all major categories. It tops the ranking in terms of financial maturity and is among the most competitive on institutional character (2nd) and economic strength (3rd). While building on its strength as the world’s financial capital and a magnet of opportunity for people from America and beyond, the city owes its competitive edge in 2025 to improvements in other areas. New York environmental governance still lags behind other cities, but its NYC 2030 plan sets out a credible blueprint for improvement. The quality of healthcare, although not among the best globally, improves in 2025, pushing up the city’s ranking in the human capital category by 20 places to 27th”


A recap of my Sunday staycation food tour of Sunset Park (my first time in the ‘hood), a neighborhood known for its diverse residents and delicious cuisine. We started with some esquites (corn with spicy lime mayo) from a street cart vendor, ate even spicier Banh Mi, topped it off with a trip to the Chinese bakery, and ended at the Cemetery. A good staycation was had by all. 

Things I’m thankful for: sunsets over New York City. 

Spent the morning traipsing around lovely, snowy Brooklyn.

This chart showing the cost of living around the world actually makes me feel better about living in NYC. 

Winter strollin’ through Central Park never gets old.  

Hidden Manhattan. 

Quite a view from Battery Park on this lovely fall evening. 

Aaron Koblin turns data into art. Here he’s mapped the volume of telephone and internet data flowing to other cities from New York. Who said data was just about boring numbers?  

Evolution of the New York City Skyline, 1876 - 2013 (from Retronaut)