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I wrote recently on The Economist's Lean Back 2.0 blog about the rise of the “second-screen.” People are increasingly sitting down to watch TV with their tablet or mobile phone in hand. This growing trend threatens to upend the traditional TV business, but also holds enormous potential for creative magazine apps. For example, 

When I recently spoke with Annette King, chief executive at OgilvyOne UK, she reiterated this shift toward second-screen advertising, offering a tangible (and delicious) example. Let’s say that Jamie Oliver is making a special truffle recipe on his television show. King imagined an ad where you might “use your tablet to find out where truffles grow in the world or how to make Jamie’s recipe.” 

This intersection of leaning forward and leaning back might have profound implications for the publishing industry. Could magazine apps start to complement TV shows? I could imagine a travel magazine partnering with the Travel channel to offer viewers articles and trip recommendations. I’d certainly watch Anthony Bourdain travel to Lisbon while simultaneously looking up the best Lisbon eateries on my Travel and Leisure iPad app.  

Or, for the more civic-minded audience, perhaps the New York Times could develop an app for use during presidential debates. While viewers watch the debate on TV, they can use the app to look up more information on where a candidate stands on a certain issue, input their own thoughts on how persuasive a candidate is sounding, and see other opinions come streaming in. 

How do you think publishers could capitalize on the trend? What kind of magazine apps would you like to see in the future? 

I’d love to hear some more ideas for fun complementary magazine apps. Let your creative juices flow on the Lean Back 2.0 blog